“I just want to say, not only has this been the best show in North America so far - this has been my favorite birthday of 21 years in this earth. Whoa that’s pretty special! Never did I dream as a child I would be stood here 21 years later in front of you doing this.”


8.24.14 - zayn singing wmyb to liam


so many people i know have been posting about going to see the boy’s concerts as a joke. ‘i can’t believe i’m actually at a one direction concert right now. what has my life come to’ ‘my friend dared me to come’ ‘the tickets were free but still why am i here’

like i wonder if they know that there are people who genuinely want to go to see them but don’t have the chance to. there are people who would be grateful to be in the position they’re in. what are they accomplishing by posting stuff like that? making actual fans feel shitty? if so, they’re doing a damn good job.